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Surveyors have a long history.  In the United States it could be argued that the Land Survey Profession has been regarded as among the highest of vocations/callings.

Did you know 3 of the 4 Presidents on Mount Rushmore were Land Surveyors?

Some notable Land Surveyors in the United States are:
Daniel Boone
Thomas Jefferson
George Washington
Henry David Thoreau
Abraham Lincoln

The laying out of Boundary Lines for Property ownership is at the core of the American Dream
and is never taken lightly.



We at Land Survey Company hope you find this web site beneficial and informational.




Here is a a Mid 1900's home on which we Performed a Boundary and Improvements Survey.
Older properties often pose problems for Title Companies & Land owners.  Land Survey Company
overcame the physical restrictions posed by this steep garden terrain by using the latest technologies
and measurement techniques.  We accurately re-established the Property Boundaries marking existing
corners and driving new "pins" at the unmarked Lot corners.  All this was placed onto a beautiful Map or
Certificate of Survey for this relocating family providing great assurances prior to the purchase of their new home.



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